digivod SMART software

Luxury for small installations

The digivod SMART Edition is award-winning video management software, made in Germany!

It includes all the features for professional video surveillance: recording, playback, archive access, investigations, multiple views, site plans, support for camera-driven motion detection, dashboard and flexible rule engine that allows you to adjust your digivod software fully to your project's needs. Includes also web access to allow stakeholders remote access to all happenings from anywhere, anytime. It also includes the support for up to 50 IO-contacts and 2 client licenses for the connection of two concurrent clients.

digivod SMART is the equivalent to our enterprise solution - digivod Video Management Software (VMS Edition), except that is not expandable in terms of features such as: e. g. professional video content analysis (VCA), license plate recognition, etc.

digivod SMART 0 Edition has zero camera licenses and is flexible expandable up to a max. no. of 32 channels. An upgrade to a VMS Edition is possible at any time.

Highlights of SMART edition

  • Full performance: digivod SMART has the full scope of our Enterprise solution VMS Editon. This is a full-fledged video management software.
  • Web Access: This add-on allows direct access to live- and archive-videos, alarms, PTZ control and IO ports through HTML-5 supported web browsers. Also available as App for mobile devices using iOS or Android. The App notifies about new alarms by push notifications. 
  • Support for up to 50 IO contacts: Enables the use of digital IO contacts in selected cameras or so-called IO modules to react with digivod to digital switching commands, e. g. door contacts, arming / disarming of an intruder alarm system (EMA), or to trigger digital switch contacts from digivod, e. g. light on / off, open a barrier or gate. In addition, digivod supports virtual contacts. This allows flexible and powerful rules.
  • site plans: digivod supports cascading site plans and a flexible definition of status summaries. For example, floor plans within a building can be linked with each other and the building itself.
  • Cameras, views, and IO ports can be placed in site plans. The status of all map/site plan items is shown dynamically. Double mouse click or drag and drop allow quick access to the cameras.
  • Manufacturer independent: Digivod supports all common camera manufacturers natively as well as ONVIF capable cameras. digivod is MS windows-based software, you can use almost any computer equipped with a Windows 7 (64Bit) or newer. You are not sure if your computer meets the requirements of digivod? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Further Information

Further information such as data sheets, brochures, etc. about the digivod can be found in our download center.

We are happy to advise you personally. Please write us an E-Mail or give us a call. All contact details can be found here.

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