Law Enforcement Authorities

digivod offers for Law Enforcement Authorities a suite of highly specialised solutions and features:

  • Mobile Surveillance: this software allows fluid viewing of recordings even with unstable network connections. It supports quick exchange of removable storage devices, as well as investigations based on offline recordings on any hard disk. It also allows permanent replication of the recordings from the mobile surveillance to the headquarter.
  • Broker: the Police Broker allows fluid viewing from fixed workstations and apps or browsers, while saving the limited network resource. The Broker also manages privileges of different user groups.  
  • IT security: designed for the needs of law enforcement, digivod supports encryption and signatures throughout all communication channels. Recordings can also be protected by encryption.



Alarm Monitoring Centers

digivod supports the forwarding of pre-defined types of incidents to Alarm Monitoring Centers, in real-time, through dedicated lines, ISDN or any other network connections. The Alarm Monitoring Center can use the sophisticated digivod incident management to manage an alarm. Alternatively, digivod is integrated with established case management systems such as AM/Win for comprehensive management of alarms, billing and resource handling. 


The digivod intuitive GUI is especially appealing to retail chains, gas stations, shops, and supermarkets.

digivod supports point of sale (POS). Entries from cashier systems result in events within digivod. Such events can be grouped automatically to comprehensive payment transactions, showing the videos of each entry in a bill, and allows management not only of the entries but on the complete transaction. digivod also supports the supervision of more than one cashier systems with one single camera.

With digivod, shop owners can quickly put any advertisement movies on the display and arrange them in any view - e.g. special offer of the day on the top, and offers of the month at the bottom, and live video feed of a camera on the side.